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New Toys For 2017

Remote Control BB-8

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Remote Control BB8

Spin Master has done it again, this time with a 2/3 scale remote controlled BB-8 droid from Star Wars. The remote control ball droid. The remote control BB-8 can roll around with you in control of its movement with ease. It also has a voice follow mode where it will navigate and follow you around. That’s a pretty cool trick and about as close as you can get to the real deal right now. For $230 this fall you can have your very own BB-8.

New Etch A Sketch Junior Can Draw Circles

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New Etch A Sketch Junior

The new Etch A Sketch Junior solves a problem that has driven kids crazy since its inception: the ability to draw circles. The new Etch A Sketch Junior replaces the traditional two axis knobs with a single two axis joystick. This makes drawing a circle as easy as performing a circular motion with the joystick. Traditionalists may scoff, but it’s always cool to see a traditional toy get upgraded and reinvented. The Etch A Sketch Junior will be out this fall and cost around $13.

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